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San Francisco Trip 2009 (NEW!)

Christmas Pictures 2008 (NEW)

Disney  Pictures:
In late June of 2007 Mom and I took the kids (Trevor, Kalyn and Collin) to Disneyland and had a great time!  Heather got to meet us there and spend 2 days with us.  It was great! We're all ready to do it again! Here are the pictures!

Mom has a bunch more  pictures of Disneyland here.
Family Reunion Pictures:
We decided to have a family reunion in 2006 because we were all together for a couple of weddings.   Then we decided that if we did it every year maybe more people would be able to plan to come.  This is the first two year of that! (And the dates are the last weekend in July for any family who wants to come!)



Other Pictures:

In 2007 a bunch of us went to Cal and Theresa's lovely home in Oregon to meet Trisha's new baby (and play with the rest of her family!) These are some pictures from that weekend.  Since then Cal & Theresa have moved to Poulsbo Washington.  
Cal & Theresa’s House  In Oregon

These are a bunch of pictures of Kalyn over the last couple of years.
Kalyn's Pictures

Ditto for Trevor.
Trevor's Pictures

These are.. well pictures of:
Christmas 2006

Pictures of Trevor and his homecoming dates.

Homecoming 2007